General information on welded netting

Traditional Netting / Welded Netting

Welded mesh products are supplied in the form of baskets and gabion mattresses connected with C-Rings or spiral and stiffener. Depending on the application, welded gabions are manufactured in appropriate dimensions and differ in thickness of wire used and mesh size. Gabions can be filled with different types of materials: stone, wood or glass. They are used in hydrotechnics and landscaping works as well as as security for buildings, industrial areas, military and private property. All welded mesh products meet the requirements of European Standard EN 10223-8.

Advantages of Using Welded Netting Products
  • PERMEABILITY – cause a free flow of water inside a gabion basket
  • ADAPTABILITY – ground movements do not cause structural damage
  • DURABILITY – mesh structures serve nature much longer than the traditional protective and stabilizing structures
  • SOUND INSULATION – gabions are used alongside roads and near objects that emit excessive noise
  • INSTALLATION/ASSEMBLY – installation is quick and does not require a large workspace
  • ECOLOGY – environmentally friendly assisting microorganisms and plants grow

Mesh size DxH (mm)


Zinc-aluminum coating scheme (Zn95Al5/GalFan)

Welded mesh products are made with wire Galfan wire with diameter of 3.00÷4.50 mm. Zinc-aluminium (ZnAl – in the proportion 95/5%) applied in the amount of min. 350 g/m2. This coating, compared to conventional zinc coatings, provides several times longer corrosion protection. All materials used in the production comply with the requirements of European standard EN 10244-2 and EN 10223-8.


Welded basket


Welded mattress